In-Home Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

Price: $25.00 - standard visit - Up to 35 minutes  /
$42.00 - extended visit - Approximately 65 minutes (additional $10 for holidays)
An extra $3.00 for each additional pet.
On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), an additional surcharge of $5 per visit is applied.

Weekly discounts- 5% off- Four day on-going regular visits ; 10% off- Five day on-going regular visits.
$95 with discount for Four day on-going regular visits ; $112.50 with discount for Five day on-going regular visits.


bernieThe Scenario:
It’s time to plan that much needed vacation, you're going out of town to a business convention or you have long office hours. You dread the thought of boarding your pets and remember how they reacted the last time you picked them up from the facility once you arrived back home the last time!

The Solution:
Daytime Dogs and Friends pet sitting service will allow your animals to maintain their usual daily routines and surroundings, all while being cared for by a fully licensed bonded and insured certified animal lover. This will allow your pets to remain happy and content while we provide the caring and companionship they need while you are out of town or just at work.

For the Doggies
We will come to your home for approximately a 30-35 minute visit, or a 60-65 minute extended visit as often each day as you desire. We will let your dog out to do his business, provide a limited play time, provide fresh water and feeding when applicable and check on the security of your house. Of course we will provide lots of praise and affection throughout our visit.

smallcreaturesFor the Kitties
We will make sure there is fresh water, provide food when it’s time and administer any necessary medication. And yes, we will keep the litter box clean every day you are away. For those that are open to it, we’ll provide playtime and petting too!

For the others in your menagerie
We also care for Ferrets, Guinea pigs, Chinchillas, Fish, Birds, Tortoises, Box Turtles and Bunny Rabbits among others.



Puppy Visits

Price: Two 20 minute visits each weekday at a rate of $35.00/day (Only $17.50 each visit) Based on 5 days/week on-going regular usage (additional $10 for holidays).
An extra $3.00 for each additional dog.


Bringing a young puppy into our lives is a huge responsibility and commitment to fulfill. Puppies have a long list of requirements and deadlines that must be met for their well-being and longevity. Tasks such as house training, crate training, socialization, leash training and basic obedience need to be addressed right from the start. This service is designed to help assist you and your puppy during the critical period between 8 weeks and one year of age. We are certain that you want to get your puppy off to the best possible start in life and also set them up to thrive as adult dogs. Early puppy socialization and puppy training are the keys to your success as a dog owner. 




Referral Incentive:
Refer someone to Daytime Dogs and Friends and get rewarded! After they become a client, book and complete their appointment, you'll get a $20 credit towards your next service you book with us. You must mention the person's name referred to us via phone or e-mail no later than 15 days after their completed appointment. If the person you refer cancels their appointment you will not receive the $20 credit. You may refer as many new people as you like.



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