In order to guarantee the safety and health of all pets, parent clients and the staff of Daytime Dogs and Friends, we have set the following guidelines which apply to all clients and their pets:

Key Retention
We require two sets of working keys from every in-home pet sitting and/or dog walking client. Keys are to be given to us at the time of the initial meet & great/consultation. One set of keys is for your dedicated pet sitter and the other set is to be held in our office in a dedicated key lock box for emergencies, lockouts or in case your keys should break or fail to work in the lock. We can't use a garage door opener system as a main entry.

Privacy and Confidentiality
We will not disclose to third parties any of our client's personal information including the client's name, phone number, address, email, or dog's information, without the expressed consent of the client. We also respect the privacy of a client's home and will restrict our activities to only the areas we need to access in order to take care of your pet.

All dogs must be current on their vaccinations prior to Daytime Dogs and Friends commencing services of any kind. Owners must submit written verification that their dogs are current have up to date Distemper, Parvovirus and Parainfluenza (DHPP) vaccinations. Rabies vaccination is required for all dogs over 4 months of age. These vaccines can be either for 1 or 3 year duration. If your dog will be participating in either Doggie Day Care, overnight cage-free boarding or a Daytime Dog Adventure, a Bordatella vaccine is also required.

All cats must be current and have up to date Feline Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calcivirus and Panleukopenia (FVRCP) as well as Rabies vaccination. All can be either one or three year vaccines.

All dogs and cats are required to have and be up to date on monthly flea and tick medication.

All dogs and cats must be in good health. Owners/Clients must certify that their dog(s) are in good health and have been free from any condition that could potentially jeopardize other dogs. Owners must certify that their dog(s) have not been ill with a communicable condition in the past 30 days, including fleas or ticks. All dogs must be non-aggressive and not food protective. Owners must certify that their dogs have not harmed or exhibited any aggressive or threatening behavior towards any person or other dogs.

Refusal of Service
Daytime Dogs and Friends reserves the right to refuse service to any client. We will not condone or engage in any activities we feel are an abusive means of training, including, but not limited to: food or water deprivation, infliction of physical pain and/or the use of shock collars.

Cancellation policy
We have a 24 hour cancellation policy for regular daily dog walking and/or pet sitting. If you cancel more than 24 hours’ notice prior to your scheduled appointment, then we will be happy to credit or refund your payment. Scheduled visits with less than 24 hours’ notice will NOT be refunded, as we will also have to pay your dog walker. Cancellations for Mondays must be received via email before our office closes for the weekend on Saturdays at 4 p.m.

For reservations during/and over major national holidays or for reservations longer than 20 days in length, the Daytime Dogs and Friends cancellation policy is as follows:
10 or more days’ notice for cancellation prior to reservation: FULL REFUND GIVEN TO CLIENT.
6-9 days’ notice for cancellation: 50 % OF TOTAL FEE REFUNDED TO CLIENT.
5 or fewer days’ notice for cancellation:  NO REFUND GIVEN TO CLIENT; FULL RESERVATION FEE WILL BE CHARGED TO CLIENT. Major national holiday include: New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day and the week of Christmas through January 1.

For Overnight boarding customers in client’s home or ours:
6 days or more notice for cancellation prior to reservation: FULL REFUND GIVEN TO CLIENT.
3-5 days’ notice for cancellation:  50 % OF TOTAL FEE REFUNDED TO CLIENT.
Less than 48 hours’ notice for cancellation: NO REFUND GIVEN TO CLIENT; FULL PAYMENT WILL BE CHARGED TO CLIENT.

***Cancellations must be made by either email to our office at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone to 352-219-4246.***

All payments are due prior to services commencing, or at the time of the initial service date, depending on prior arrangements made with Company. Client agrees to the filed rates for the services they have requested. We accept credit cards and local checks.

Weekend Surcharge
On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), an additional surcharge of $5 per visit is applied.

Holiday Surcharge
On the following holidays, an additional surcharge of $10 per visit is applied.
New Year’s Day
Memorial Day (observed)
Independence Day
Labor Day
The week of Christmas through January 1

Referral Incentive
Refer someone to Daytime Dogs and Friends and get rewarded! After they become a client, book and complete their appointment, you'll get a $20 credit towards your next service you book with us. You must mention the person's name referred to us via phone or e-mail no later than 15 days after their completed appointment. If the person you refer cancels their appointment you will not receive the $20 credit. You may refer as many new people as you like.

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